ELVIS & BENNY: humor of a different kind

Best friends Elvis & Benny have the most amazing adventures in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world full of crazy creatures.

They posess a unique sense of humor and are both madly in love with the stunningly beautiful, but fiery Seahorse-mermaid Toucane. They play safely above the ground in their treehouse, but danger lurks from below in the form of giant blue underground rabbit lobster monster Sandy. When in peril guardian yellow rubber duck-angel and shapeshifter Babette comes to the rescue.

Elvis & Benny is created by Jangojim and Stef Wouters, it’s a coproduction between: Haptic and Wknd Barcelona, TV Catalonia and Shelter Prod. With the support of VAF, Belgian Taxhelter, Medialaan.

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